Online Tuition Class: 20 Minutes Success is a guaranteed improvement process. Unlike any other E learning solution, onlinetuitionclass is a web software where we monitor your child progress monthly.

Conventional E- Learning Solution

  1. Stress more on E Learning. They are looking for solutions to replace teachers and tuition centers
  2. Stress too much on technology to help rather than encouraging students to learning in school
  3. Stress too much on Business Model. Most of the E-Learning in Malaysia is run base on MLM Marketing. Those sales personal are not teachers who wants to help but rather looking for ways to capitalized on Education
  4. Very expensive. The E learning solutions charge RM 500- RM 1000 per month. Personally, we feel that the rates is too expensive and should be reviewed.
  5. Parents are forced to sign up package rather than single subject. The reason is to help the sales personal to earn more $$$
  1. We compliment and track on student’s report
  2. We encourage students to go to school to learn and participate in extra curricular activities
  3. We never ever portrays that our software can help to replace tuition centers, or home tutors or even school!!!!!
  4. Online tuition Class help to track on student’s performance. Student just need to log in monthly once or twice to keep track on their studies.
  5. The Online solutions will inform students and parents where they are heading. The tracking solutions helps to notify parents that the students education weather they are following or not following in classes. That’s All!!!!!
  6. We encourage students to seek professional help because we still believe in physical interaction.  We always support personal guidance because we feel that learning process will be more meaningful with the presence of real teachers.
  7. We are not MLM companies because the script and the software written is from High School Teachers :).
  8. Our price rate is only RM 100/subject.  Affordable to everyone
More Information
– only helps parents to track on the student’s performance
– We help to inform parents/teacher that the student needs help in the subject matter. Teaching will be conducted by the mentor
– Rather than relying 100% on tuition teacher, parents can track the child’s performance easily
– Tuition teacher can improve on the weakness of the student.
– Student just need to log in at least once a month to get themselves evaluated

Online tuition class



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