Affordable E Test for UPSR Students

E Test is design to help students to track on their performance. The difference between E test and conventional test is “Short Test” and not time consuming. Unlike any other E Learning Solutions, adopt the policy to track and get remedial action immediately to parents so that the problem can be address immediately.

The Onlinetuitionclass helps in the following

  1. Track the performance of the students by chapter
  2. Encourage minimum log in to the system to be tested
  3. Help the students to address study problems
  4. Teacher can take action immediately rather than waiting a long time to fix the problem

How much does it cost?
Our rates is only RM 100/subject. This is a one year subscription.

How to use the ?
If your child is weak in Bahasa Melayu. Only subscribe for the BM package. Your child will be monitored monthly. Once he is being monitored, teachers can take immediate action to resolve the study problems 🙂

Online tuition class



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