We provide affordable packages for students who wish to learn from online session. The package is designed to help parents to lock lower tutorial fees and secure good tutors. At present we have only 3 packages available.


Tuition Class 1 Month engagement 3 Months engagement 6 Months engagement
Fees RM 400 RM 1100 RM 2100
Admin Fees RM 100 RM 100 RM 100
Exam Fees No Exam RM 100 RM 100

 Standard Classes are like General Math, Science, English, Literature ,Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Commerce, Geography, World History business studies and ICT. Fees are non refundable. Students must complete the entire session.  Each session will be 1 hour. If you need more hours per session, please contact us


The Accelero class is meant for students who need immediate help in math. We have several methods to boost the academic performances of Math from 200% – 500% within 2 class. This is something really amazing and we reserved this class for students who really needs a lot of improvement and catch up to do.

Age Improvement Sessions 6 Months engagement
10-12 Boost Improvement 12 sessions (45 minutes) RM 4500/ month
12-14 Boost Improvement 8 sessions (1 hour) RM 3500 / month
15-17 Boost Improvement 8 sessions (1 hour) RM 5500/ month

(Note: Acceleromath is meant for slow learners. We define slow learners as students with average math marks below 35% in exam. If you want to see fast improvement with short period of time ) . The above program is only suitable for Math Class.. Students must complete the entire session.  Fees are non refundable


Tuition Class 4 Hours  / 2 Sessions 6 Hours / 3 Sessions 8 Hours / 4 Sessions
Fees RM 600 RM 700 RM 800
Admin Fees RM 100 RM 100 RM 100

Our Mock Exam class is designed to help students to prep for major exams. Teacher will be live with students and we will be conducting various test to benchmark how much students prepare for their main exam. The mock exam is important for students who will be sitting

  1. IGCSE
  2. SAT
  3. UPSR / PT3 / SPM