Online Tuition Class is not all about learning solutions. The Online learning class is meant to provide E Test to students at the end of every chapter. Students must complete their revision in school, in tuition and self revision before taking the E Test.  If you are looking forward to use Online Tuition Class to replace traditional learning methodology, then you are not fully utilizing it.

Procedure to use the www.onlinetuitionclass.com

  1. Ensure you do all your school work and revision
  2. Ensure you fully understood the chapter by doing self revision
  3. Use the www.onlinetuitionclass.com to gauge your understanding
  4. Take the E Practice Test and look at your marks

Rates and Marks from The E Test

80-100% :  Very Good
50-79% :  Average (You can do better. Something is missing in your methodology )
Below 50% : Please revise and get help from School Teacher, Home Tutor or Tuition Center.


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