Teacher Shoba Motivates Her Students

I motivate students to learn through my method and approach. I go down to the student’s level to gauge how to help the student. My students have all managed to perform well in examinations. I help students in their homework, assignments and any other areas of concern when and where necessary. If a student requires help in revision before examinations, I am there to see that it is done. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to clear any doubts. Quizzes and assessments are conducted to determine a student’s level of understanding and attainment in a subject matter. Repetition of subject matter and area is done when and where it is required to make sure that the student has benefitted from the lessons and the tuition classes conducted. If a student needs extra help, I am ready to render my services within the available time and space. I do an honest job, putting my best foot forward. I have had students who have been continuing their tuitions with me for 3 years and more. I am very happy to be with children and to guide them to achieve their goals.


Written by Teacher Shoba
English, Science, Biology and Chemistry Teacher
40 Years Teaching in Several International Schools

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