Online Physics Mock Exam Tuition Class

Are you looking for online mock exams ? We do provide online mock exams where students are able to sit for the actual papers. Why should you take our mock exams ?

  1. Real Time Papers for your child.
  2. The papers will be marked by our reputable Exam Markers following the IGCSE Marking Scheme. Strictly on IGCSE Marking Scheme
  3. Our online tutors will access the written exams and comments on the weak points
  4. Student will then be given 1 hour consultation about their weakness
  5. Students will be taught to answer the exam papers base on key points required by IGCSE Markers and exam scheme.
  6. We will update the students & parents the relevant concepts for a particular trouble topics.

We are giving a promotional price of  Mock Exam package?
Our standard  Mock Exam Package is RM 700.00 (3 classes / 6 hours) . Now we are giving parents the promo at RM 380(3 classes /6 classes)46% discount or rebate for Mock Exam Class. This is the first time in history where we offer such a ridiculous discounts.

Online tuition class