Online Tuition IGCSE Selangor, Malaysia

Eager to learn from the best tutor ? Real life tutoring with step by step explanation and work practice. At, we are here to assist you and help you to score in exams. Parents and students can trust our tutors since they have more than 5 years of teaching experience. We are a group of dedicated number of online tutors providing online class for students across Malaysia. We provide the right technique to learn, the right technique to grasp complicated concepts and the right technique to memorized important facts.

What we provide when you join our class:

  • We provide Digital text book
  • We provide E Notes
  • We provide custom build notes (Most tutors are too lazy to help students in custom build notes. Don’t worry we help students with this)
  • We provided weekly practices
  • We provide LIVE Tutoring

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Learning Methodology? How many classes per week to see improvement?

It all depends on the subjects. Some students need more online lessons per week than others. The table below will give you more information about the number of online classes per week. Our team always recommends weak students 2 lessons per week, as they need more to catch up. Average and smart students need 1 lesson per week. Each session of online classes lasts only 1 hour. In a month, we only tutor from 1st till 28th day.

Online tuition class