Online Tuition Class UPSR

More and more parents are enrolling their child in online tuition class. Research has shown that E learning will improve only 33% ┬áin children’s education. The online tuition class provides the following benefits

  1. Structured learning process
  2. Guided Exercise
  3. Affordable cost (RM 100 per subject)
  4. Guaranteed improvement(Base on research 33% improvement within 6 months of enrollment)
Structured learning process
Online Tuition Class guide students in different levels. Every students must start from basic before advancing to more challenging questions. Online Tuition class provides such features where we evaluate every child from basic ensuring them to master what is needed before attempting touch questions
Guided Exercise
The system guide the students with our online notes. Notes are well illustrated with diagram
Affordable Cost
The package is only RM 100 per subject. If parent would like to enroll in 4 subject, there would be a discount of RM 150
Guaranteed Improvement
Base on our research, improvement of online learning is only 33%. Yes, this figure looks small but it 33% extra would shows great benefit to the child.

Online tuition class



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