E Learning UPSR Bahasa Melayu

It is a lot easier to learn Bahasa Melayu using our E learning platform. Students can do self practice with the guidance from our E Tutor. Do you know that more than 80% students online 4 hours a day? Why not encourage your child to participate in online learning activities? With the affordable rate, now everyone can afford it

Learn Bahasa Melayu progressively.Progressive learning through online exercise.Notes and Sample Karangan is attached for students. The Bahasa Melayu Module is very systematic which will help students from Year 4 to Year 6 to excel in the Bahasa Melayu.

  1. Tatabahasa more than 500 up to date questions
  2. Suitable for SJK and SK schools
  3. Suitable for students in Std 4- Std 6 (UPSR Level)
  4. Notes and revision materials will be provided
  5. Good Sample Karangan will be provided
  6. Ad Hoc Test and subjective test will be conducted
  7. Constantly updating new materials. Students received new materials all the time
  8. The course ends at 2 Dec 2012

PRICE: RM 100 [wp_cart:UPSR Bahasa Melayu:price:100:end]

Online tuition class



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