Online tuition class for coordinate science

Edunovice Tuition class provides online tuition for Coordinated Science subjects. We have been teaching for more than 10 years . At present we are only conducting 1 to 1 tutoring  and our class will focus on :-

  • Concept learning
    • Understand the what students are learning
    • Understand the keywords they may need to memorized
    • Understand what will be tested in exams


  • Information gathering
    • We teach students to gather information and tabulate their learning into tables and diagrams
    • We assist students simplifying the way they learn, memorize and systematically assist in compiling information into readable and presentable notes
    • Usage of Acronym help students to memorize key words


  • Solving tropical questions
    • Our tropical test are not just from text book. We expose students with REAL exam questions which we categorized it into topics and chapters
    • Guiding students to develop the skills to seek for answers from reading . Train the student to be independent


  • Solving complex problems
    • We guide students to solve complex problems by breaking down problems into smaller pieces
    • We guide students how to present complex solutions systematically


  • Solving past year papers
    • Practice!!! Practice!!!! Practice
    • We drill students 3 months before exam


  • Prepping for mock exams
    • Conduct mock exam class from time to time
    • Update parents about the student progress
    • If more online classes are needed, we will propose it


Online tuition class