Igcse online tutoring

We are starting our online tutoring in October. At present we are running personal class but we will be doing online group tutoring very soon. Most of you are wondering the rates for online tutoring … The chart below will show you our rates for both online private tutoring and group tutoring

CLASS DURATION 1 MONTH RATE 6 Months engagement
PERSONAL CLASS 1 hour/ session RM 350/hr RM 1800
GROUP TUTORING 1 hour per session Not Available RM 900

Group Tutoring Vs Personal Tutoring (Private Tutoring)
Group tutoring has a classroom kind of environment, with many students and a single tutor, for each subject. Private tutoring is more personal and is a one-to-one tuition method.

Other hidden cost
We do charge for online notes and text book materials. Yes we charge RM 100 per student for our materials.

How many students in Personal Class/ Private Class?
One student one teacher

How many students in Group tutoring?
Minimum 3 students

What are the differences between group tutoring vs personal tutoring?
Information as below

Is online tutoring reliable ?
Yes, online tutoring solve many problems related to safety and transportation issue. It is reliable and most practical way to learn

Online tuition class