Online IGCSE / GCSE Crash Course

We provide IGCSE Crash course this month. All you need to to is to join 4 months of of our course and we will rush everything for you. The course is very compact and this is not like any regular class. Notes and exercises will be provided

Detail Information

  • Night Class : 1 hour¬† each session (min 3 classes a week)
  • Notes will be provided
  • Online learning

What are the courses we provide

  • Math
  • BIO
  • Chemistry
  • Add Math
  • Physics
  • English

Fees: 80/hr (A typcal intensive course will need approximately 3 hours a week. )
So basically  a month will cost around RM 720/ subject. Some of you might think that the cost is steep but it is not because, we dont just provide notes, we compile questions according the the level of the students and not to forget we will help you to translate to the language you may assist you in your learning.

Online tuition class