Online Class with School Leaving Certificate

Recently, we have collaborate with Pine Hills Internatioal School  in Malaysia to help homeschoolers to obtain School Leaving Certificate provided they can  complete our online program. The name of the program is “Online School”.

Lets make comparison between Online Tuition Class and Online School

Online Class

Online School

Tutorial Class (Each Session 1 hour) Tutorial Class (Each Session 1hr 15mins)
Quarterly Assessment International School Assessment (3rd Party)

Should i consider “Online Class” or “Online School”?
If you are currently studying in a school or only seek for online teachers to help out in studies, we would recommend students to engage our online class. However, if you  intend to study by yourself without going to school or homeschool centers, we would like to recommend you to engage in Online School/E Schooling.

Is School Leaving Certificate important to pursue higher learning education?
Some colleges and universities would want a school leaving certificate.

Does home school centers provide School Leaving Certificate?
Yes but school leaving certificate from homeschools carry NO VALUE/ ZERO VALUE  for college entrance.

What is Online School?
Just like any other schools but students study via online. Oh… Not to forget they will graduate with a recognised School leaving Certificate acknowledge by Minister of Education and Cambridge

How do i Register  my children in Your Online School?
Just drop us a mail here. Our team will get back to you ASAP

Online tuition class