Intensive Coding Class

INTENSIVE CODING CLASS provides coding class for students and adults who wants to learn coding. This is not a video learning class. This is a real live class with a dedicated tutor to help you to code effectively. Students may ask questions in the classroom. Our tutors will be glad to assist you. The online coding class will be useful to college students and working adults. The skillsĀ  you gain in the coding class will help students to gain extra knowledge and adults in career advancement. What are you waiting for? Say NOOOO to recorded class… This is real LIVE class!!! LIMITED TO 5 STUDENTS.

Category Details of Courses Price
HTML & CSS Learn 10 Days HTML & CSS: Detail explanation about Front End design and how to make the website looks great. In this course we will demonstrate the use of HTML and CSS. You will learn Bootstrap. 10 classes. Each class is 1.5 hour RM3500
JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY Learn 10 Days in Javascript. We will dive straight into the usage and syntax of javascript. Then you will learn about DOM. In this course, we will introduce one of the famous javascript library that is called JQUERY 10 classes. Each class is 1.5 hour RM3500
PHP Learn 10 Days about PHP. One of the oldest programming languages in the world. Surprisingly, this server side programming languages helps us to interact with databases. Students will learn about core PHP and even OOP. 10 classes. Each class is 1.5 hour RM3500
CI4 Framework Codeigniter 4 is one of the lightest framework in PHP. Learning this framework will hep you to speed up web application development. 10 classes. Each class is 1.5 hour RM3500
MYSQL Database programming. You will learn how to manipulate data in the database. 10 classes. Each class is 1.5 hour RM3500

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