IGCSE Tuition Class- Review Online Class

Here are some of the updates on onlinetuitionclass.com.  As for today our review for all our online tuition class is really amazing. We have been getting more and more students registering for our online class. Look at our data generated  clearly shows that we are doing better and better each year.

Our IGCSE online tuition class shows an amazing improvement within 3 months. We do not fake the numbers. As soon as you register for our online tuition class, you will see an immediate improvement of results withing 3 months. Your kids will notice the difference too.  Here is how we gauge the improvement. We compare the result with the school performance. If you are homeschool then we do have exams every 3 months to gauge the performance of each student.

How are the IGCSE online class conducted ? At present we use zoom along with concept board to conduct LIVE class. We even provide notes design specifically for your kids. Our online library is provided free to students to  do their revision. Everything is provided to our students.

Do you guarantee improvement within 3 months?
Yes we guarantee improvement if student is enrolled in MOCK EXAM CLASS (GUANRANTEED IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME). Our improvement is guaranteed within 3 months. If student does not improve within 3 months, we will refund you 60% of the total fees collected for the 3 months period.

How much can student improve within 3 months?
You can look at the chart below for reference.

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