[SOLVED] How do I cancel my tutor?

If parents or students are unhappy with the tutor, you can request cancellation after the first class. We will refund partial payment based on the fees of the class. There are many reasons why you may want to cancel class

  1. There is no chemistry between the teacher and the student
  2. There is a big gap in teaching methods between tutors and the way your students learn in school
  3. Students are not comfortable with the teaching method
  4. Class is too boring and unengaging

Is there any penalty if the student cancels the class? NO unless the cancellation is due to “Frequent holidays from students” and “Frequent change of time given to students”. Parent can call and ask for a partial refund if they would like to cancel our service.

How do you know your teacher is not right for you

  1. Lack of Preparation:
    A teacher who is consistently unprepared for lessons may not be adequately planning or organizing their material.
  2. Poor Classroom Management:
    Difficulty in maintaining control of the classroom can be a sign of ineffective teaching. This includes issues with discipline, disruptive behavior, or a chaotic learning environment.
  3. Ineffective Communication:
    If a teacher struggles to communicate concepts clearly or fails to engage students in discussions, it may hinder the learning process.
  4. Unwillingness to Adapt:
    Effective teachers are often open to feedback and willing to adapt their teaching methods to meet the needs of their students. Resistance to change may indicate a lack of commitment to improvement.
  5. Inability to Motivate:
    An effective teacher can inspire and motivate students to learn. If your teacher fails to engage students or create enthusiasm for the subject, it might be a concern.
  6. Limited Subject Knowledge:
    A teacher should have a strong understanding of the subject matter. If a teacher consistently demonstrates a lack of knowledge or struggles to answer basic questions, it may be a red flag.
  7. Inaccessible Outside of Class:
    Effective teachers are often available for extra help or questions outside of regular class time. If your teacher is consistently unavailable or unresponsive, it may hinder your learning experience.
  8. Lack of Passion:
    Teachers who are passionate about their subject and teaching tend to have a positive impact on students. If your teacher appears disinterested or lacks enthusiasm, it could affect the classroom atmosphere.


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