Online Tuition Chemistry

We will be using the Miro board to guide students who are keen to take online tuition classes. Our chemistry class is fun and exciting!! Students will have a chance to answer past year exam papers with real live tutoring. Your teacher will be just beside you to guide you through your exam questions. Look at our class below! This is exactly how to conduct our online class.

How can we help you to get better grades in Chemistry

  1. All our tutors are dedicated school teachers.
  2. Using Miro helps teachers present an entire chemistry class using journey maps, wireframing, roadmap or sprint planning, retros, and more.
  3. Our online whiteboard breaks down complex problems into easier-solving solutions
  4. Teachers can integrate YouTube and assessment using the Miro board. Amazing
  5. With the usage of, we can track the performance of students online.
  6. tracks all the class activities including the performance of each class.

Miro Interactive Board
Educators canĀ create visually appealing presentations, infographics, or mind maps, allowing students to grasp complex concepts more effectively.

Cikgu Bijak Student Tracker is designed to monitor our online and physical class students. This platform helps to monitor students’ progress weekly. We keep all the data digitally. Parents can view and track their kids’ progress after each lesson. The benefits of using our software would be listed below.

Online tuition class