Online Tuisyen for UPSR

With the collaboration with several teachers from USM , finally Skor Minda Tuition Center with the help from Edunovice Enterprise kick off with our first online tuition center. Although our features concentrate more towards Online Learning where students can learn to used the internet to

  1. Practice Questionnaires
  2. Download E Notes
  3. Participate in the Quizzes

Unlike any other E Learning portals, this portal will serve as a simple tool to help students to participate in systematic learning. We encourage students to log in 3 times a week to answers the exercises provided by Skor Minda Tuition Center. Students do not need to spend hours here because the concept of Elearning in this portal is just to refresh your memories rather than providing complete solutions to the educational purpose

How long do i need to spend in the portal weekly?
Just spend 3 days per week visiting the portal and 25 minutes each session to answers some of our questions .

Is 25 minutes sufficient for my child?
Yes. This portal is meant to help students to boost their memory. Students are still encourage to go to Tuition Centre and school to learn. Just use the portal to refresh some of the topics which have been thought so that you wlll be on track all the time

Online tuition class



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