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As we move from a better and more reliable technology, we will always try to improve our services and our way of teaching. Currently we have around 20 students participating in Karangan Sri Bestari and our numbers are growing. Since UPSR is approaching, we have aready 15 signups for Karangan Sri Perdana. We do understand your urgency to join our class. We still have 10 more slots to Karangan Sri Perdana. Those who join today will understand the effectiveness.


  1. We will mark the karangan immediately. (2 Working Days )
  2. Correction will be done onto the “karangan” . Students can learn from the mistake
  3. We ensure that your child commit to submit the essay on time
  4. We will provide update if the the essay was not submitted on time
Essay Package

  1. Karangan Sri Didik (8 Model Karangan –  UPSR) –  RM 120
  2. Karangan Sri Bestari (8 Model Karangan – UPSR)  – RM 120
  3. Karangan  Sri Perdana (8 Model Karangan – UPSR)- RM 120
How does it work
  1. January till March, we will be offering Sri Didik Version. In the module, students needs to complete the “karangan” given the dateline. In order to mark the “karangan” fast, we do recommend students to submit to the designated address given in the package.
  2. April till May, the Karangan Sri Bestari will inform students to write a better quality “Karangan” where less aid will be given.  We will still monitor the student’s dateline. Package will end in May
  3. June till July, we will launched Karangan Sri Perdana. 8 Model “karanang” target for UPSR. These are the Forecast essay for students. Student should rush all the 8 Essay by JULY.

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