Online IGCSE Malay and Chinese

Looking for Malay and Chinese online class? At we do provide affordable online class for students and adults. Our Online IGCSE Malay and Chinese class goes beyond exams and we are able to help you to learn mandarin or malay at ease. The is no age limit when learning language.

What do we provide for

Courses 1 Month Learning 3 Months Learning
IGCSE Exam Class RM 350/month + RM 100 for registration RM 900/3-months
Adult Language Class RM 1000/month RM 2700/3-months


  1. The fees above is valid for 2021 /2022.
  2. For IGCSE Exam Class,  the 1 month class consists of 4 classes a month. Each Class is 1 hour
  3. For Adult Language Class you will have 2 classes a week. Each class is 1.5 hour session. Total class per month is 8 classes a month

Online tuition class