Online Class (Almost FREE)

Giving 15% discount for online tuition class in Malaysia. The promotion is only valid during MCO period. If you are interested to to join our online tuition class, please register quick because this is only valid during MCO period.

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid during this MCO period
  • Valid for one month
  • Valid for 1st time customer
  • Limited to 100 participants
  • Non transferable

This promotion is only valid for IGCSE YEAR 10  and below.  Not valid for IGCSE year 11 and Foundation year students


Why online class for Malaysia?

As you have known, the number of covid cases increases exponentially. It is wiser to conduct the class online with the best teacher in Malaysia. Look at the chart below. Number of daily cases as per 23rd March 2021


Online tuition class