Online A Level Tuition Class Malaysia

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  • Jul 05, 2016
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Looking for online A level class ? currently we have online class providing A Level Math and Physic Class. We assure you that we can help you to understand your mathematics problem within 3 days. We can consult you and teach you how to do well in exam. Above all, we have a team of teachers who are willing to give you private tutors for the right price.

Our Online Approach

  1. Key Evaluation Test
    1. A series of online tutorial
    2. A series of online verbal communication with our tutor to understand the real situation why student have a hard time with Math or Physics
  2. Root Cause Analysis
    1. Find out where is the problem. Is it conceptual or understanding
    2. Determine the level of the students
  3. Suggestive
    1. What to do next? What books to buy next
    2. Approach how to tackle this situation
  4. Private Class
    1. Design a module to coach the student
    2. Notes are catered for the individual

Cost: RM 5ooo/semester (Assurance to improve after this course)

Online tuition class