IGCSE Online Math Science Tuition

Recently we conducted our online math class with Sofia. Sofia’s parents decided to engage my tutoring services because they wanted Sofia to continue learning in Rusia . With the global pandemic (Covid-19) looming across the globe, Sofia is still able to learn math and science via online tools.

Here are her classes and the communication between Me and her parents via whatsapp

Today : 16 August 2020
Learn about Static Charge using straw
Learn about Atomic mode
Learn about Protons , Neutrons and Electrons
Learn about classification of finger print

Atomic model
Fringer print collections

Monday Science 18 August 2020
Tuesday Math
Wed Math
Thursday Science
Friday Math + Homework Review


Math  Class 9 August 2020
– learn about square
– learn about cube
– learn about square root
– learn about fraction ( with diagram)

Sophia is a bit weak in the conventional addding and subtraction fraction, so i introduce “Cross Multiplication Technique” . It simplifies her learning ability.


Conversation goes on. Each day Sofia is learning something… what abou you?