Online Tuition Class

When it comes to online tuition classes, Edunovice Penang provides the best online tuition classes in Malaysia. Our tutors are overqualified tutors with many years of teaching experience  Edunovice provides online academic tracking, thus giving students the advantage of tracking their progress. It is important to keep track of.
  • by yawhuat
  • Sep 18, 2023

Electricity Calculation: Online IGCSE Phyics Class

Calculating Wat in the Electrical Consumption The applications below are used in households. Find the amount of kWh usage for 5 hours. Give your Question 1: How much electrical energy in joules does a 100W lamp transfer in 1-second 5 seconds 1-minute Solution a) 1600 x 1 = 100J.
  • by yawhuat
  • Aug 28, 2023

Resistor Online IGCSE Phyics Class

Resistor is a device that limits the flow of the current.  The most commonly used film resistors can be divided into types according to the materials used: carbon-film, metal-alloy and metal-oxide.  Discuss the use of  Varistor LDR / Photoresistor Thermistor   Varistor Varistor stands for “variable resistor” and is an.
  • by yawhuat
  • Jul 03, 2023