Edunovice Tuition class provides online tuition for Coordinated Science subjects. We have qualified tutors with more than 10 years of teaching experience capable to help students to excel in Coordinated Science. At present we are only conducting 1 to 1 tutoring  and our class will focus on :-

  1. Concept learning
    1. Understand the what students are learning
    2. Understand the keywords they may need to memorized
    3. Understand what will be tested in exams
  2. Notes preparation
    1. We help students to understand then convert words into table for easy learning
    2. We assist students to identify key areas that will be tested and compile it into notes
    3. Usage of Acronym
  3. Solving tropical questions
  4. Solving complex problems
  5. Solving past year papers
  6. Prepping for mock exams