Online Tuition Class Malaysia

First Online Tuition Class in Malaysia. One of its kind and if you are keen to learn IGCSE at home you can always give us a call. The Online session will start every morning and students must go to the respective class to enroll. Why choose us ? There are tons of reason why you need to enroll in our class

  1. Our online tuition class is actually LIVE session. We do not use programs or just video. There will be a real teacher supervising the session
  2. Notes will be provided along with exercises
  3. There will be a trimester exam to look at the progress of the students
  4. We use original Text Book from UK
  5. Our tutors have more than 10 years teaching in local and international schools
  6. Our fees are really cheap. USD 60 per subject per month. One of the cheapest in the market
  7. Unlimited library access to our students
  8. Small group of studetns




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